Is your relationship with your spouse or significant other as rich and rewarding as you want it to be?  Do you experience unresolved hurts or anger and aren’t sure what to do about it?  Are you wondering how to change things for the better?

To help you get started, check out the no-cost resources on the right: a mini-quiz on the health of your relationship and weekly tips on ways to improve your relationship. The mini-quiz is very short and helps you uncover areas in your relationship that need attention or strengths you can build on. You get your results promptly via email. The weekly tips are short, actionable suggestions, delivered via email each week, about issues that couples commonly need or want to address.

I believe that when we take personal responsibility and make it our priority to create and nurture loving, healthy, fulfilling, mutually beneficial relationships in every part of our lives, then we bestow on the world and ourselves a gift of incredible positive impact. This has the power to change the course of history, of our lives, of the very fabric of our being. What are we waiting for?

I’m committed to helping women and men build genuine, loving connections within their relationships in a way that fulfills all parties, while creating ripples of love for a more positive world.

With love,
Marie Kane

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