Expert Testimonial from Dr. Candace Kaspers

Candace Kaspers

As a corporate communication consultant and chairperson of a university Communication department for many years, I know how easily miscommunication can wreak havoc among people.    With personal relationships, the stakes are that much higher and, often, more complex.  That’s why I’m excited that Marie Kane has created “Relationship Magic for Couples.”  Its comprehensive, but easy approach will help a huge spectrum of couples— from those who have good relationships and want to get to the next level to those whose relationships are suffering and want to know how to come together.  It also offers help for those who aren’t in a relationship now who want to create something special in their next one.

In “Relationship Magic for Couples,” Marie Kane has amassed an array of sound communication and relationship techniques and distilled them into a simple road map for couples to follow for success.   Marie also offers excellent insights into resolving conflict in relationships. It’s easy to follow, interesting, logical and informal.

Unlike other “couple’s relationship” programs, this one includes very specific guidelines that help you avoid potential pitfalls, can be done on your timetable, doesn’t require that you share your private business with others or get additional programs for it to work.  It gets results in a very short time if you follow the simple guidelines.  Its bonus segments even explore specific challenges couples deal with, such as money issues.

“Relationship Magic for Couples” is an outstanding value.  It’s sensible, professional and powerful.  I recommend it highly.

–Candace Kaspers, Ph.D.


Expert Testimonial from Leslie Dashew, MSW

Leslie DashewIf you’ve ever used a recipe to create a wonderful meal, then you’ll find Marie Kane’s recipe for improved relationships, Relationship Magic for Couples, enormously helpful.  Marie shares the ingredients for relationship success then takes you step-by-step through exactly how to create it with your partner.

In the work I’ve done with individuals, couples, families and businesses for 40 years, I’ve found that it’s difficult to describe the “recipe” for improving relationships in enough detail that people can do it themselves.

Marie Kane has created a “Do It Yourself” kit for relationships.  She provides the tools to look at your own needs and wants and what you contribute to the relationship you’re in.  She shows you how to communicate effectively with your partner, even if you’ve had problems with doing that in the past.

Marie addresses how to deal with the hurt and anger caused by conflict and misunderstandings, so that partners can share their feelings in a way that both feel engaged and understood.  She lays out clearly how to not only deal with current issues, but also ensure a foundation for continuing relationship success.

If you have the ability to follow a recipe for a delicious meal, then you’ll be able to use “Relationship Magic” to transform your relationship and, in that process, to transform your life.

Leslie Dashew, MSW, is an award winning consultant and author who has worked with families as a therapist and advisor and served on the Emory University School of Medicine faculty in Psychiatry.  


Expert Testimonial from Geoff Laughton

Geoff LaughtonIn my experience, there is nothing more complex, more emotionally challenging, and yet more soul expanding than being in a relationship with someone…particularly in a romantic relationship.  In a time where divorce rates continue to be discouragingly high, and access to the kind of help that can make a solid difference in healing a wounded relationship is out of reach for so many, there’s long been a place for some kind of tool(s) that could make an immediate difference without breaking the bank.  In her new program, “Relationship Magic For Couples,”  Marie Kane has introduced just what the doctor ordered.

In my 17 years as a Relationship Coach, I’ve witnessed first-hand how sticky and confusing conflict gets to be for couples.  Marie has included a section describing key, common causes of conflicts and guidelines for resolving them that use language that anyone at any level of experience and sophistication can understand and implement.

While Relationship Magic doesn’t deny that there are uncomfortable feelings to get through to have a magical breakthrough in one’s relationship, it brings a much-needed element of fun and playfulness into the process that I think would make it much more likely to be implemented by the couple that’s both wise and fortunate enough to get their hands on this program.

Marie has done a masterful job of synthesizing years of book learning, personal experience, and 40 years of relationship mastery into a product that can immediately help a couple identify why their relationship is struggling, start identifying solutions, and provide grounded, real-life exercises to clear up blocks to deeper love, passion, and intimacy.

Geoff Laughton is a renowned Relationships Coach who has spent the last 17 years coaching and guiding individuals and couples back into the kinds of relationships that match their most authentic and spirit-guided selves. Geoff is also a published author  and frequent speaker on healthy relationships.