How’s Your Dream Relationship?

Is Your Relationship OK?

Are Any of These True of Your Relationship?
  • Do you feel your relationship slipping away with every argument or misunderstanding.
  • Do you lay awake at night, worrying … if maybe it’s too late to recapture the loving relationship you once shared.
  • Do you feel frustrated and helpless… and you don’t know what to do about it.
  • Do you feel rejected and alone… fearing a break up or divorce is looming.
  • Do you feel unappreciated, unheard… even unloved!
If You Answered YES to Any of Those Questions…

… Then I have some important news for you. It’s not just you and your partner.

How do I know?  Well, I’ve been there. In fact, that list of questions was created from years of professional experience helping others with their relationships… and from my own learning in the “school of hard knocks”.

Having expertise about what makes relationships work and what to do about it isn’t enough…  Like everyone else, I had to learn some things the hard way…  And boy, did it hurt!

I noted all my painful mistakes and those of friends in unhappy relationships and combined that with all my professional experience…

Then I set about devising a system for putting the Magic back into relationships… and it worked beautifully.  I’ve used this myself, and very successfully.  That’s why I’m so confident this really works…

Let’s face it, being stuck in a troubled relationship hurts.  It leaves you feeling bad about yourself or your partner.  Or, at the very least, wondering why you can’t get a handle on it. You’ve always thought of yourself as competent and able to cope…

But, creating a fulfilling relationship that strengthens and supports you, instead of draining and frustrating you, can be challenging to say the least.

Your Relationship, the Very Center of Your Life…

Couple FightingYour relationship impacts everything, period!  When it’s not good, it batters you emotionally, sucks up your energy and time leaving you tired,  bewildered and feeling lost.

You may be at the point in your relationship where you have some decisions to make…  but you can’t quite bring yourself to make them.

But if you get a firm handle on exactly what’s causing the problems, and you know exactly what to do to make things better… then, it’s a great relief.

It feels so good to finally get unstuck and to be able to move forward into a great relationship.  It feels great not to have the emotional energy drain that your relationship used to cause.

It’s wonderful for both you and your partner to resolve those thorny issues, and to get on with living fully…  in the loving way that you both deserve.

It’s Interesting How Things Slowly Creep Up On Us…

Have you ever asked yourself…

  • Are you sad, deep inside because you know you’re missing something in your relationship?
  • Are you aching for more happiness and fulfillment with your partner?
  • Do you yearn for a deeper understanding and intimacy with your partner?
  • Has the spark in your relationship faded?
  • Are you at a point in your life where you’re ready to take your
    relationship to a new and better level?

It’s maddening to feel that you want more, but you and your partner just can’t pin it down.

Or, maybe you have identified what’s missing…  but you and your partner can’t seem to get anywhere when you try to communicate about it.

I know how maddening and exhausting that can be…

But, I also know from experience just how great it feels when you finally get a handle on things, and can actually take action that works.

Are Any of These Dragging Down YOUR Romantic Relationship?
  • You  or your partner feel muddled about what you each really need or want in your relationship
  • The two of you haven’t come to a meeting of the minds on what’s working, or not working well in your relationship
  • Your communication keeps failing because you don’t have a way to navigate around the pitfalls that you get mired in
  • You don’t have a strategy for addressing any relationship issues or blow ups
  • You and your partner don’t have a clear dream for your relationship

Few couples have the secrets to creating the relationship of their dreams.  Are you and your partner making the same mistakes over and over – going around in circles, digging deeper holes in the relationship…
or just giving up?

You Don’t Have to Feel Unloved, Miserable… or Settle for Less

Today, I’m offering you the help you need to stop your frustration, conflict and disappointment.

Happy African American man and woman

I’m going to show you how you can:

  • Get off the “Misery Merry-Go-Round.”
  • Transform a good relationship into a GREAT one.
  • Know once and for all (if you’ve been wondering), if you and your partner have what it takes to make it with each other.


I’ll show you strategies that really work so that you can stop beating up on yourself, and stop being disillusioned and frustrated.

You can start using these powerful, guaranteed methods today to create the romantic partnership that you’ve always wanted.

Hello, I’m Marie Kane, MSW.  For over 40 years I’ve helped people personally and professionally have successful, satisfying relationships.  As a marriage counselor and a corporate consultant, I’ve had extensive experience in helping people just like you create the relationships that they yearn for.

…And I can help YOU have the relationship that you want.

Fire Up the Passion and Intimacy in Your Relationship

snuggling with your lover

Imagine a relationship with your spouse or significant other that’s:

  • Joyfully intimate… everyday
  • Enormously fulfilling
  • Mutually supportive
  • Passionately satisfying
  • Free of unresolved strife and misunderstandings


Now, the Big Question…  How Do You Get There?
You Can…
  • Read countless books or articles on the subject, and try to figure it out by yourself.
  • Go to a marriage counselor, if your time, budget and inclination permit.
  • Ignore it, and hope things get better by themselves over time.
… OR You Can Take the Positive Step Right Now…

You can get access to the Relationship Magic for Couples System.  Discover exactly how you and your partner can have your dream relationship.

The Relationship Magic System takes you and your partner by the hand and leads you step-by-step to create that relationship.

In as little as a week, or even a weekend, you can change your relationship for the better… and forever!

Let Me Tell You a Story

Some years ago I was teaching the Relationship Magic process to a group of clients.  I gave them all a homework assignment so they could practice the process. They were to get with their spouse or significant other that evening and go through the process as I had taught them.

To help, they had a handout that walked them through the process. This was the first time they had ever been exposed to this process, and we had reviewed it only briefly during the class.

The first thing the next morning I asked for volunteers, to share their experience with the group.  It was almost like the group had come alive overnight.  There was a whole new buzz in the room.  The reports were very positive, but one man’s story in particular has stayed with me.

Passion in RelatinshipsHe stood up and said,

“My wife and I have been married for more than 25 years.  My wife looked me in the eyes last night and said that in all that time we had never had a conversation like this!”

He went on to say that their conversation would positively affect their relationship for a very long time to come.

Consider that this impact was literally overnight…  and after only one exposure to the Relationship Magic process!  And Yes…  YOU can get results like that too!

Yes, You Can Have the Dream Relationship
You’ve Always Wanted

When you unleash the Relationship Magic for Couples System:

  • You’ll clearly understand what you each need and want from your relationship… and why!
  • You’ll know how to greatly reduce conflict and misunderstandings; so you’ll spend most of your relationship time in loving harmony, instead of stress or unhappiness.
  • You’ll unlock the chains strangling your relationship… and much more!
  • You’ll improve the physical side of your relationship (that depends a lot on your emotional relationship, especially for women).
  • You’ll reduce stress, fear or frustration associated with your relationship.
  • You’ll vastly improve communication with each other.
  • You’ll eliminate defensiveness and stonewalling.
  • You’ll increase mutual respect and support for each other.
  • You’ll enjoy all the benefits of living in a more loving and happier home.
  • You’ll know how to handle conflict effectively and lovingly; so you’ll create the foundation for an even richer, stronger, more delightful relationship going forward.
  • You’ll know how to increase your intimacy and fulfillment; so you’ll never feel unappreciated or unloved again.


Expert Testimonial from Dr. Candace Kaspers

Candace Kaspers

As a corporate communication consultant and chairperson of a university Communication department for many years, I know how easily miscommunication can wreak havoc among people.    With personal relationships, the stakes are that much higher and, often, more complex.  That’s why I’m excited that Marie Kane has created “Relationship Magic for Couples.”  Its comprehensive, but easy approach will help a huge spectrum of couples— from those who have good relationships and want to get to the next level to those whose relationships are suffering and want to know how to come together.  It also offers help for those who aren’t in a relationship now who want to create something special in their next one.

In “The Relationship Magic for Couples System,” Marie Kane has amassed an array of sound communication and relationship techniques and distilled them into a simple road map for couples to follow for success.   Marie also offers excellent insights into resolving conflict in relationships. It’s easy to follow, interesting, logical and informal.

Unlike other “couple’s relationship” programs, this one includes very specific guidelines that help you avoid potential pitfalls, can be done on your timetable, doesn’t require that you share your private business with others or get additional programs for it to work.  It gets results in a very short time if you follow the simple guidelines.  Its bonus segments even explore specific challenges couples deal with, such as money issues.

“The Relationship Magic for Couples System” is an outstanding value.  It’s sensible, professional and powerful.  I recommend it highly.

–Candace Kaspers, Ph.D.

BUT, This is NOT for You If…
  • You are NOT willing to put some effort into making things better.
  • You WON’T follow through on using the Relationship Magic for Couples System, once you have it.
  • You’re in an unsafe abusive relationship and you need to leave it in order to be safe.

Note: People often ask if this will work if only one partner is willing to work on the relationship.  While it’s ideal for both partners to work with this system, if even one partner does it still makes an impact on the situation. Changing one side of a partnership always affects the other side.  Even if you have to start this process by yourself, it will be the catalyst for changing your relationship with your partner.

Ignite Your Love, Fun and Affection…
It’s Closer than You Think!

If you’re ready to create the romantic partnership that you’ve been dreaming about, then the Relationship Magic for Couples System is for you!

In as little as 7 days, there are three steps that can empower you to stop conflict and build more emotional intimacy with your partner…

Even if you feel hurt and exhausted with trying to make your relationship work…

Even if you had abandoned all hope of getting affordable and effective help…

The Three Steps to Relationship Magic that
‘Crack the Code’ to YOUR Relationship
  1. Happy Couple in LoveWhat Warms Your Heart and Lights Your Fire.  You’ll both get clear about exactly what you want in a romantic relationship with special emphasis on understanding what the deal breakers are.
  2. Telling the Story of Your Relationship.
    You’ll both complete a mini-survey that helps you describe how you see the relationship working now, and pinpoints both strengths and problem areas in your relationship.
  3. Create the Relationship of Your Dream Together!
    Together you’ll enter into a conversation, carefully guided by the Relationship Magic process.  You’ll share the new insights from steps 1 and 2, then you’ll discuss what each of you needs and wants.  I’ve included a special additional guide on handling conflict, to help you communicate effectively with less stress, anger or confusion if you’re in the midst of a misunderstanding or fight.

You’ll resolve current issues and make agreements about how you’ll move forward together, and you’ll build a foundation for addressing future issues.

Expert Testimonial from Leslie Dashew, MSW

Leslie DashewIf you’ve ever used a recipe to create a wonderful meal, then you’ll find Marie Kane’s recipe for improved relationships, the Relationship Magic for Couples System, enormously helpful.  Marie shares the ingredients for relationship success then takes you step-by-step through exactly how to create it with your partner.

In the work I’ve done with individuals, couples, families and businesses for 40 years, I’ve found that it’s difficult to describe the “recipe” for improving relationships in enough detail that people can do it themselves.

Marie Kane has created a “Do It Yourself” kit for relationships.  She provides the tools to look at your own needs and wants and what you contribute to the relationship you’re in.  She shows you how to communicate effectively with your partner, even if you’ve had problems with doing that in the past.

Marie addresses how to deal with the hurt and anger caused by conflict and misunderstandings, so that partners can share their feelings in a way that both feel engaged and understood.  She lays out clearly how to not only deal with current issues, but also ensure a foundation for continuing relationship success.

If you have the ability to follow a recipe for a delicious meal, then you’ll be able to use “Relationship Magic” to transform your relationship and, in that process, to transform your life.

Leslie Dashew, MSW, is an award winning consultant and author who has worked with families as a therapist and advisor and served on the Emory University School of Medicine faculty in Psychiatry.  

How Long Does It Take?

If you’re willing to devote the time and attention to it, you can do all three steps easily, in stages, in one week.

If you want results faster, and make it a priority, then you can even make great progress in one weekend.

What a tiny slice of time it is in relation to what it can do for your relationship and your life!

Imagine, in as little as 8 hours of your time, you can change your relationship enormously for the better, and build a foundation for a better future.  This opportunity is priceless.

… And all for LESS than the Cost of a handful of  Counseling Sessions!
What’s Included in YOUR Relationship Magic for Couples System?

In the Relationship Magic for Couples System, you’ll receive the following:

A Separate Step-by-Step Guide, with Detailed Instructions for Each of the Three Steps:

  • To determine exactly what you each need and want in a romantic relationship.
  • To describe how you see the relationship working now.
  • To explore together how you will create the relationship you both desire, including what specific actions you will take and what agreements you will make.

A Guide and a Checklist on the Secrets to Healthy, Successful Conflict Resolution.
Use this guide if you and your partner are in ‘fight mode’.  The checklist shows every key point from this guide so that you can prepare and manage yourself in any conflict situation.

Relationship Magic for Couples

A ‘Mini-Survey’ about your current relationship is completed online, scored electronically, and the results are sent to you via your email.

Graphic overviews of the Six Elements Needed for Your Dream Relationship, the Three Steps and the Topics in the Relationship Magic for Couples Process

Special BONUSES: Three MP3 Audio Interviews on Conflict in Relationships with Marie Kane. (Plus enhanced PDF transcripts) These interviews includes specific recommendations for handling situations often encountered by couples – conflict, hidden conflict and conflict over money.  I chose these particular topics because these are areas that many couples have challenges with.  You’ll find these very helpful.

Weekly ‘Relationship Tips’ will come to you by email.
These will support you in getting the most out of Relationship Magic and help you stay focused on creating and keeping your dream relationship.

EVEN BETTER – You’re NOT ALONE in this process.  We’ll have regular group support calls where you’ll be able to ask questions about the process and share your challenges and successes – all part of the process at no extra charge.

All the guides are provided in MS Word, and PDF formats, so you can complete on your computer, or print out the Workbook and hand write if you prefer.  A summary overview of everything included in the product is provided for easy reference.

A Small Price for Great Relationship Magic!

The investment in your future for the Relationship Magic for Couples System is $397.

  • Less than a a handful of fancy meals out
  • Less than a handful of tanks of gas for your car
  • Less than a handful of counseling sessions
  • More joy and fulfillment
  • More connection and support
  • More intimacy and passion


This system combines 40 years of experience with clear, easy to follows steps to having the relationship you’ve been yearning for and if priced at it’s true value would rightly be more.  Why am I offering such a manageable investment for the Relationship Magic for Couples System

Happy Smiling Black Couple

…Because I want to help.  I know this can be the difference between a ‘Great Relationship’… or a Failed One!

This is the first time I’ve offered this publicly, until now it’s only been available to private clients.  Now I want to get this into as many hands as possible so that I can:

  • Help more couples have Great Relationships.
  • Receive great Testimonials for this product so even more couples will use Relationship Magic to create their dream relationship.
  • Invite feedback from members of the Relationship Magic Family on what else you’d like me to include in Relationship Magic for Couples in the future.

Your relationship impacts you every day in countless ways.  A better relationship means a better life for you and all those you care about.  It doesn’t matter if you’re 25 or 65.

You can have a fantastic relationship with your partner.  Life hands you enough challenges already.  Make your relationship your source of strength, not your source of stress.

Expert Testimonial from Geoff Laughton

Geoff LaughtonIn my experience, there is nothing more complex, more emotionally challenging, and yet more soul expanding than being in a relationship with someone…particularly in a romantic relationship.  In a time where divorce rates continue to be discouragingly high, and access to the kind of help that can make a solid difference in healing a wounded relationship is out of reach for so many, there’s long been a place for some kind of tool(s) that could make an immediate difference without breaking the bank.  In her new program, “Relationship Magic For Couples,”  Marie Kane has introduced just what the doctor ordered.

In my 17 years as a Relationship Coach, I’ve witnessed first-hand how sticky and confusing conflict gets to be for couples.  Marie has included a section describing key, common causes of conflicts and guidelines for resolving them that use language that anyone at any level of experience and sophistication can understand and implement.

While Relationship Magic doesn’t deny that there are uncomfortable feelings to get through to have a magical breakthrough in one’s relationship, it brings a much-needed element of fun and playfulness into the process that I think would make it much more likely to be implemented by the couple that’s both wise and fortunate enough to get their hands on this program.

Marie has done a masterful job of synthesizing years of book learning, personal experience, and 40 years of relationship mastery into a product that can immediately help a couple identify why their relationship is struggling, start identifying solutions, and provide grounded, real-life exercises to clear up blocks to deeper love, passion, and intimacy.

Geoff Laughton is a renowned Relationships Coach who has spent the last 17 years coaching and guiding individuals and couples back into the kinds of relationships that match their most authentic and spirit-guided selves. Geoff is also a published author  and frequent speaker on healthy relationships.

OK, I’m Ready,
How Do I Access Relationship Magic for Couples?

Simply click the yellow ‘Get the Magic Now’ button below to get your Relationship Magic for Couples.  Everything is a digital download so you can get started immediately.



NO RISK 100% Guarantee

There’s absolutely NO Risk to you. If after 90 days, you have not found that using the methods and tools in Relationship Magic for Couples has changed your relationship situation for the better, I’ll cheerfully refund your money in full.


“For now, the Relationship Magic System is yours for only $397.”

credit_cardsSimply click on the ‘Get the Magic Now’ button and you’ll be on your way to a better relationship.

Includes FREE Lifetime Access to Product Updates

You’ll ALWAYS have access to the UPDATED VERSIONS, for free.  You’ll be notified whenever I update the product based on feedback and requests from users so that you can download the updated version.  You’ll get tomorrow’s help for free because you took action today.


Don’t Wait!  Get Started on Your
Dream Relationship Right Now!
Act now to get the Special Price
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Transforming Your Romantic Relationship TODAY!

Remember, when you unleash the magic in the Relationship Magic for Couples System:

Couple in love

  • You’ll uncover what you really need, want and prefer in a romantic relationship.
  • You’ll get crystal clear about what is and is not working in your relationship.
  • You’ll be guided every step of the way through a dialogue with your partner to create a relationship that will be mutually satisfying and fulfilling for both of you.
  • You’ll set things up so it’s vastly easier to handle future issues that arise.
  • You’ll enjoy a better quality of life through your transformed relationship.




“Fire Up the Passion and Connection in Your
Relationship, Starting Now!”
P.S.  Every day that goes by is another day you don’t have to suffer frustration and hurt, when you could have had the romantic relationship of your dreams.
P.P.S.  This price could change at any time.

 “For now, the Relationship Magic System is yours for only $397.”


Don’t Wait Any Longer,
Act Now to Create Your Dream Relationship!

 Romance on the Beaach


Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and its potential. Any examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation.